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Face(book) the facts: life goes on you Twit(ter)s

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Firstly, don’t email to complain about the corny title of this post.  It was late, and I was somewhat sleep deprived when I wrote it.

According to The Australian, the social phenomenon that is Facebook went offline for several hours today, causing panic and frenzied tweeting amongst the masses.

Have we developed – and I use that term very, very loosely – as a population, to the point where we have forgotten what constitutes a social interaction?  It is just me, or does immediately posting on another social networking site about the original social networking site going down seem a somewhat perverse reaction?  The Australian reports that disgruntled (and one could assume hysterical) Facebook users bombarded Twitter with posts such as “Facebook, why aren’t you working?” and “Still exiled from Facebook, missing my friends. Universe fix this.”  My initial thoughts are these: to the former, Facebook is a what, not a who – and a what will generally not offer a response, no matter now nicely you ask.  To the latter – Wven Villegas – there are other ways to contact your friends in the absence of the Zuckerberg machine.  Like telephone.  Or email.  Or, heaven forbid, in person.  Unless Wven, you were referring to what I will assume are your 2,000-odd Facebook friends, most of whom you don’t know from a bar of soap.

NB: I did, in the interest of accurate writing, try to search on Facebook for Wven, but came up blank. Hence my assumption above in regard to friend numbers.  It’s based on nothing more than a somewhat educated guess, but if I’m proven wrong, I’ll happily donate $20 to the charity of Wven’s choosing.  And Wven, if you are reading this, add me on Facebook – then, we can so bitch to each about Mark Zuckerberg the next time Facebook fucks up.

As a matter of interest, it appears various other Facebook platforms (including the mobile website) were working the whole time, and it raises the question why all of these technologically savvy users didn’t utilise one of these platforms to access their beloved Facebook.  Why was the seemingly natural reaction to this crisis to throw the blinkers on and jump straight onto another social networking site to whinge to their friends/followers/random strangers?  Most will try to argue that the failure – albeit brief – of Facebook put them out of touch with friends.  My retort to that justification would be this: if these people you needed to contact really were friends, wouldn’t you have alternative ways to speak to them?

I will admit that when I lost my connection to the World Wide Web for a few hours earlier this year, my reaction was one of terror-stricken confusion. It’s not something I am proud of, but when I realised that the outage wasn’t the beginning of some form of Armageddon, I did something the aforementioned Tweeters obviously didn’t consider: I went out and had dinner with a friend.  That’s right.  A proper, face-to-face meal.  With a real person.  Outside.

On the subject of Twitter, why do so many average (I won’t use the word normal, it doesn’t seem quite right in this context) people have a Twitter account?  Do they really think the world gives a fuck about whether they should have jam or Vegemite on their toast, or that they can’t find their keys?  The world doesn’t need to know what you are doing every moment of every day.  Why?  Because, whether you want to believe it or not, chances are you’re probably as boring as shit.

OK, now this post is complete, I’m going to put the link on Facebook.  Yes, I know that’s ironic, but I don’t care.  I’m full of irony – it’s part of my charm.

Have a fantastic New Years Eve people – be safe, run amok and remember, never give them your real name.  See you in 2011.

Written by disseminatedthought

December 30, 2010 at 23:09

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